Hästens Beds

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kristen bernikows gade 6, 1105 copenhagen, denmark
Hästens Beds
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Hästens is dedicated to delivering extraordinary sleep to people worldwide so they can  be their best and create the future they dream of upon waking. That's why their master craftsmen in Köping, Sweden, consider and handcraft every detail of their bespoke beds using only the finest natural materials. Hästens' story started in 1852, and they are proud to be a world-class international family-run business operating in 50 countries and a  purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden. They have over 300 partners in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa and continue to enter new markets.

Discover Hästens Beds During 3daysofdesign. The beds of Hästens are a marvelous manifestation of 171 years of a true passion for mastery and uncompromising quality. Building all of their beds by hand using traditional techniques and the finest natural materials, the Swedish family-owned business delivers sleep experiences you cannot dream of. This year also marks the 45th anniversary of Hästens 2000T bed and its Blue Check pattern, a true design classic.Welcome to Hästens' Copenhagen flagship store on the central street of Kristen Bernikows Gade 6. Watch the art of side-stitching, book an exclusive bed test, get a taste of what handcrafted sleep feels like, and indulge in the Blue Check world of Hästens.

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