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Odd Fellow Palace
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The inspiration behind the Danish brand GREENHOLT is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions, consisting of new and past designs that embrace authentic living. Greenholt’s aim is to make products that strike a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality, with carefully crafted details. Greenholt rediscovers past designs that still have relevance and value and gives new life to designs that have proven their worth through generations, reintroducing them to the modern interior enthusiast. Greenholt makes designs that evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity, and creates accessible products with timeless and contemporary appeal, which can be used to decorate and add character to the interior of any home.

With Frank’s Rocking, a true classic has been brought back to life by Danish brand Greenholt. By relaunching the iconic mid-century rocking chair for contemporary interior, Greenholt honors its designer, the Norwegian Frank Reenskaug. With its gentle seating comfort, classic and timeless design, it is a perfect connection between vintage modernity and tradition. The frame is in solid ash wood with harmonious and slender lines, handcrafted joining parts, a generous backrest, and gently curved armrests. The Naya stool, with its simple yet powerful design, can be moved around, changing purpose from a stool to a decorative object, to a side table. An elegant, one-piece solid wood seat states the quality of the stool; available in 3 heights.

Other Exhibitions
Skovby furniture is based on ideas of simplicity, functionality and great details. One of the great details is that Skovby only use sustainable wood. Another is a commitment to the original trade. 
Throughout the years, Skovby has educated more than 250 men and women within the field of furniture production. With an inclusive staff policy, a flexible senior policy and a constant flow of around 10 apprentices, Skovby carry core values while also investing in the future. 

Skovby work hard and passionately each day to uphold the traditions of great Danish design. Skovby still produce our furniture locally, in Denmark–strengthening and embracing the know-how and craftsmanship necessary for creating the ultimate the ultimate Danish design piece.
FÓLK Reykjavik is an emerging North Nordic interior and lifestyle brand. FÓLKs vision is to accelerate the green transition through design. FÓLK strives to design products with low environmental footprint, high durability and suitable for disassembly, to enable the circularity of materials. FÓLKs uses natural and upcycled materials in its designs and aspires to facilitate people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

FÓLK was founded in Reykjavik Iceland in 2017 and has originally built up its design portfolio in collaboration with talented young designers from Reykjavik. In 2022 the brand was chosen the Best Investment in Design at the Icelandic Design Awards. FÓLK recently opened an office in Copenhagen.
Johanson has reached an international audience with Scandinavian design. Their production has always been valued highly and hold a high regard in being able to offer high-quality furniture made in Sweden. Through the flexible manufacturing, tailor-made collection enables, where customers have the opportunity to choose from 400 RAL colors and over 100 textile and leather coverings. Some of Europe's best designers work with Johanson,  who constantly strive to challenge themselves in terms of product development in form as well as materials and technology. Today their range consists of furnitures, sound absorbers and lamps.
Johanson Design
A Danish family-owned company, founded in 1972. Recognized by the signature Kolon hinge, with the characteristic two dots, Kolon manufactures custom made cabinets and kitchens, specialising in design, quality and durability. Kolon is a leader when it comes to special designed inventory and kitchens, used in both private, corporate and public institutions.


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