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odd fellow palace, bredgade, copenhagen k, denmark
Odd Fellow Palace
Bredgade 28
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The inspiration behind the Danish brand GREENHOLT is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions, consisting of new and past designs that embrace authentic living. Greenholt’s aim is to make products that strike a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality, with carefully crafted details. Greenholt rediscovers past designs that still have relevance and value and gives new life to designs that have proven their worth through generations, reintroducing them to the modern interior enthusiast. Greenholt makes designs that evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity, and creates accessible products with timeless and contemporary appeal, which can be used to decorate and add character to the interior of any home.

With Frank’s Rocking, a true classic has been brought back to life by Danish brand Greenholt. By relaunching the iconic mid-century rocking chair for contemporary interior, Greenholt honors its designer, the Norwegian Frank Reenskaug. With its gentle seating comfort, classic and timeless design, it is a perfect connection between vintage modernity and tradition. The frame is in solid ash wood with harmonious and slender lines, handcrafted joining parts, a generous backrest, and gently curved armrests. The Naya stool, with its simple yet powerful design, can be moved around, changing purpose from a stool to a decorative object, to a side table. An elegant, one-piece solid wood seat states the quality of the stool; available in 3 heights.

Other Exhibitions
MENU has always been fascinated by the way in whichindividuals and spaces can be united through great design.In our pursuit to craft furniture, lighting and interioraccessories shaped by purposeful details, high-qualitymaterials and human needs, they create strong and lastingrelations between designers, manufacturers and customers. The sense of community that results from this union of like-minded individuals fosters a deeper sense of belonging– and products that stand the test of time, inviting human connection, inspiration and experimentation to push the boundaries of modern design. MENU truly believe that when you work collectively, we achieve more than we do individually.
The "Danish Design Makers" DDM is a non-profit association that wants to strengthen professional Danish designers by inviting them to exhibit prototypes to an international audience in search of manufacturers. So far their main focus has been to create international attention, but since 2022 they have had increasing focus on exhibiting in Denmark and it’s the second show in 3daysofdesign. DDM can look back on 9 years with 49 designers, 98 prototypes and 9 exhibitions in Europe, China and America. Antonio Scaffidi, Thomas Albertsen and Øivind Slaatto started the association in 2014 and the culture they want to create is characterized by values such as openness, trust, cooperation and creativity -And their exhibition "inUNION" is about that.
Danish Design Makers
Design Ambassaden is a Danish based company that represents the agencies for several Italian, Spanish and German high–end interior brands. Exhibiting at 3daysofdesign the following agencies: Arper, always a solution for the office or hospitality, Kettal, nowadays probably the market leader for outdoor, Panariagroup, worldwide leader in sustainable production and distribution of ceramic tiles, Ingo Maurer and, the newest, Foscarini.
Design Ambassaden

Architect Pål Lunder founded Fjordfiesta in 2004, wishing to develop and reconnect with the Scandinavian design heritage. The Norwegian design brand is passionate about collaborating with new designers, and proud to renew classic gems from the Norwegian design vault.

Committed to tackling our modern day’s ethical and environmental challenges, Fjordfiesta is hands-on in every part of the chain – from design and manufacture to delivery. The furniture is made at Fjordfiesta’s factory in Dokka, Norway, where high-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology ensure objects that last a lifetime and beyond.


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