Designskolen Kolding

Designskolen Kolding

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christian iv bryghus, frederiksholms kanal 29, 1220 copenhagen, denmark
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Christian IV's Brewhouse
Frederiksholms Kanal 29
Designskolen Kolding
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Design School Kolding builds on a long and proud tradition of art and design education. The university offers high quality BA, MA and PhD Degree Programmes with teaching based on innovative practice and new knowledge in close collaboration with the school’s researchers and wider society. The 3-year BA programme comprises Communication Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, and Accessory Design. The 2-year MA programme is an international, cross-disciplinary programme that allows students to advance their skills and competences within a thematic context defined as Design for People (social design), Design for Planet (sustainability and design) or Design for Play (play and design).

Experience an unconventional exhibition where design enthusiasts and the design industry meet the upcoming designers from Design School Kolding and experience their compassion-driven works. The exhibition shows graduation projects a few weeks before the final exams and give insight into the most topical issues among upcoming designers from Design School Kolding’s five BA programmes Accessory, Fashion, Industrial, Communication and Textile Design and the three MA programmes: Design for People, Design for Planet and Design for Play. Meet the young designers. Next generation design is not just a race to produce more classics. Compassionate competencies design new ways to interact, produce and reuse.

Other Exhibitions
Established in Copenhagen in 2017, Tekla creates elevated yet functional homeware pieces that centre a timeless, straightforward design expression.

Since launching, Tekla has embodied an honest commitment to uncompromising quality. With a foundation in bedding, the full collection now comprises pieces for the entire home, including towels, sleepwear and kitchen linens – all made to be lived in and made to last.

Tekla is available at its first store in the historic Egmont building on Vognmagergade in the heart of Copenhagen. Tekla is also available globally online and through a handful of carefully selected retail partners in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific.
In the past 12 years, Mattiazzi has emerged as a celebrated premium brand with an
uncompromising design ethos, collaborating with the global design elite including
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Nitzan Cohen, Konstantin Grcic, Sam Hecht & Kim Colin,
Jasper Morrison, Leon Ransmeier and more. These designers approach wood production both philosophically and practically.
Each collection represents strong ideas that are rooted in the passione of the Mattiazzi
family and their exceptional team, always optimistically embracing new technical
challenges while keeping a keen eye on sustainability.
By combining handmade craft and digital innovation in woodworking, Mattiazzi makes long-lasting, cherished pieces.
Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is an international cultural attraction for everyone who wants to experience and understand how architecture and design create the framework for our lives. DAC is located in the heart of Copenhagen in the spectacular  BLOX building which is situated right at the harbor front and as part of Copenhagen’s Cultural Quarter. 

Through exhibitions, tours, events, learning and networking, Danish Architecture Center creates space for inspiration, enjoyment and immersion.

In 2023, Copenhagen is designated the World Capital of Architecture. Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is an epicenter with a wide range of activities and exhibitions that you don’t want to miss.
Danish Architecture Center
Established in 1940 by Lars Karl Hjelle and now a third-generation company, the essence remains the same: to always create beautiful, timeless pieces that will last for generations to come – in form, quality and comfort. The collection is produced locally at their own factory in Norway - with great focus on sustainability. Not only must their in-house manufacturing meet rigorous environmental and societal standards, but also their subcontractors. Hjelle shows what is possible with industrial clusters of specialized and hyper-local manufacturing. The collection contains both Norwegian design icons and new and innovative designs. It ranges to everything from sofas, lounge chairs, dining chairs, office furniture and interior décor.

Designskolen Kolding

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