Cicero by Blichfeldt

Exhibition Award
Frederiksgade 1, 3rd floor
Cicero by Blichfeldt
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Cicero by Blichfeldt, has a passion for natural fibers, linen, coir, sisal. Working with weaving technique, structure, colors, upcycling and old craftsmanship. Then Nature becomes culture! By working with linen, one of the most environmentally friendly fibers and textiles, and with carpets, one of the oldest textile achievements of mankind, Cicero by Blichfeldt creates contemporary design. Working with small works in upcycled linen, terry towels where the selection of residual yarns create the pattern, art pieces for wall covering and acrylic painting on heavy linen by Kamilla Borchers.  A line of understated luxury in linen and wool for cushions and plaids. Danish custom-made to private, public and professional spaces.

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Frederiksgade 1, 3rd floor 1265 Copenhagen
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