by Lassen

Exhibition Award
The Audo
Århusgade 130
by Lassen
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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FEELING The works of the two Lassen brothers is a lighthouse in the Danish design tradition and their innovative og playful approach to design and architecture is what many following architects and designers stand on the shoulders of. Their free upbringing in the home of their grandmother enriched the brothers with an open mind and a liberal and almost anarchistic perspective of working with functionality, materials and shapes. The Kubus candleholder (Mogens Lassen 1962) and The Tired Man (Flemming Lassen 1935) are good examples of their timeless design and it is our honourable mission to give life to several of the original designs from the brothers.

At this years 3daysofdesign by Lassen presents the news and the range of products from the archive of Mogens and Flemming Lassen.

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Århusgade 130 Copenhagen 2150
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