Parachilna x Brock Munkholm

Exhibition Award
The Union Local
Lille Strandstræde 16
Parachilna x Brock Munkholm
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Parachilna was born to redefine luxury through lighting design. For Parachilna luxury is editing the designs that they fall in love with, regardless of any trends. It’s developing the product at its own pace. It’s using noble materials and using artisanal processes. It’s having fun in the process. Integrity and beauty are what luxury means for Parachilna. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the design scene: Jaime Hayon, Luca Nichetto, Neri&Hu etc. Out of these collaborations they have published a range of forward-thinking products such as GWEILO, BAI or OÏPHORIQUE. Durability and timeless beauty are Parachilna’s interpretation of sustainability. Products that will last a lifetime and intrinsically carry heritage.

Parachilna will be revealing brand new 2 products for the first time during 3daysofdesign. The Ma-Rock collection will be in display for the first time in Denmark. The Moroccan inspired lamp designed by Jaime Hayon will shine with all it’s light during the fair taking the spotlight of the space. On the other hand, Parachilna x Munkholm will be displaying, as a global exclusive, a new configuration of the Gweilo family. The already iconic collection designed by Partisans will be present in a new horizontal suspension version.

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