Before and Now

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Before and Now
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The exhibition “Before/Now” is devoted to the millions of Ukrainians who were involved into the unfair game, the war. Four stories will be told in photos taken before the war and now - an interior designer Kseniya Latii, an architectural and design bureau YOD Group, a fashion designer Serge Smolin and an artist Mariko Gelman. During 3daysofdesign the audince will be presented to dresses by IDoL, ceramics by Mariko Gelman. Mariko will also create the live painting. Marco Evaristti will also contribute with three paintings. Curators are Iryna Belan (Ukraine) and Jesper Kring, ME Studio (Danemark).

Before//Now highlights four stories, told in photos documenting life before the war and now. The photos from the past are all taken by photographers and the photos from the present are captured on mobile phones. The photos narrate two vastly different lives: one of freedom and joy and one of devastation and survival. In each case, the artists’ daily lives have changed dramatically from creative pursuits to fighting the war, looking after lost children, producing anti-tank equipment, or supporting the Ukrainian army.

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Before and Now

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