360° Furniture and Object

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Fiolstræde 4
Copenhagen K
360° Furniture and Object
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360° Furniture and Object is a collective design exhibition showcasing the final works of the graduates 2022 from the department Furniture & Object, at The Royal Danish Academy. The audience is invited for a walk around the 360° design experience, where the final designs are displayed alongside a unique insight into the process behind each idea. The exhibition documents what preoccupied the students during their finals and presents a wide range of designs, craftsmanship and materials – representing the diversity of the designers of tomorrow. 360° Furniture and Object encourage the audience to reflect upon the future of design education and to enjoy the final works by the graduates of 2022.

360° Furniture and Object is a student initiated exhibition curated by Sia Hurtigkarl Degel and with graphics created by Anders Nyberg. Exhibiting graduates: Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens, Anne Skaarup Jaedicke, Casper Johs. Johannsen, Elly Feldstein, Kasper Kyster, Laura Fiig, Lærke Ryom, Mette Jacobsen, Nikoline Oda Gomolka, Pia Angela Rasmussen, Sigrid Leere Kamp, Sofie Rueskov Sundby, Timian Cecilie Westerberg, Victoria Ek Hayes, Willem A. Stibolt

Visit our exhibition at
Fiolstræde 4 1171 Copenhagen K
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360° Furniture and Object

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